Responsive Styled Components | Breakpoints Function

I recently discovered an incredibly useful feature in Styled Components that allows sharing blocks of CSS properties between components. Here’s a simple example where I create a variable called sharedProps that is passed into two different components, StyledThis and StyledThat.

One thing that I have always found clunky in CSS is creating responsive breakpoints using @media queries. Let’s look at an example.

Here I have used @media queries to change padding, font-size and margin with regard to screen breakpoints.

Now let’s write a function that can utilize what we’ve learnt about sharing code in Styled Components and generate these media queries. We want the function to take in arguments for:

  • The CSS property to which we’re applying the screen breakpoints.
  • The units of the CSS property.
  • The breakpoint values (of the screen as well as the CSS property).
  • The media query type, i.e.: max-width, min-width, max-height, min-height.

And here it is…

In the breakpoints function above the final line may be a bit confusing. The Styled Components import css is a Tagged Template Literal (ref). This means that css`` and css([``]) are equivalent. This second implementation can be useful since it lets us set a template literal to a variable and then pass the variable into css, hence css([breakpointProps]).

We can now use this function to get rid of our clunky @media queries and reformat our styled components as shown below.

This is a massive improvement — far more legible and easy to maintain!

For good measure I’ve put this example in Code Sandbox. Hopefully you’ll find it useful too.




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Jordan Eckowitz

Jordan Eckowitz

Full-Stack Web Developer |

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