Reach Router | React Routing made Easy

React Router vs. Reach Router (statistics as of Nov 4th 2018)
npm install @reach/router or yarn add @reach/router
import { Router } from "@reach/router"<Router>
<ComponentX path="your" /> //
<ComponentY path="slug" /> //
<ComponentZ path="here" /> //
import { Link } from "@reach/router"<Link to="your">ComponentX</Link>
<Link to="slug">ComponentY</Link>
<Link to="here">ComponentZ</Link>
import { Router } from "@reach/router"<Router>
<ComponentA path="one"> //
<ComponentB path="two"> //
<ComponentC path="three"> //
import { Router } from "@reach/router"<Router>
<Item path="stuff/:stuffId" /> //




Full-Stack Web Developer |

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Jordan Eckowitz

Jordan Eckowitz

Full-Stack Web Developer |

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